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Scuba Diving Benefits

Scuba diving is commonly used throughout the world for physical, emotional, and social enhancement. Some pursue this activity as their career while for some its body exercises. Here are the benefits that you will get when you try scuba diving.

You don’t need to be a good athlete before your first try in scuba diving. But before trying the sport, you must consult your doctor for any health problems. Be certain to have good health when doing the activity. Like any water exercises, scuba diving is an effective exercise to make your body healthy and fit. Your muscles will perform harder because water resistance is greater than air resistance. If you are a nature lover, this sport is perfect for you! You can explore the underwater species and plants while enjoying scuba diving.

Scuba diving also relieves stress and exploring the underwater environment will develop your emotional aspect. Instead of going to a bar or music club, you can be entertained in scuba diving by seeing many species and plants under the water. So if you want to be unwind and learn new facts about our nature, try the scuba diving exercise. You will not only see water species in the water but also will help your breathing to last longer. When you try this sport, you will learn many things such as skills and will give you opportunity to train in the next level. There are many courses available with regards to scuba diving. These include underwater photography and underwater naturalism. The teaching methods of an instructor will surely enhance your skills and knowledge.

If you are alone always at your home or school and even in your workplace, scuba diving will helps you build your social aspect in life. You will be in contact with many people in this sport. You will have the opportunity to make friends with them. In scuba diving, you need to have a partner or buddy. You can help each other if problems occur under the water. Another social benefit is the events that will be conducted by scuba diving organizations or clubs.

When you join a scuba diving class, you will become aware of the underwater habitats and you will realize the importance of every creature that is underwater. You will be amazed that you find yourself going to different places, conducting projects around the world to preserve our environment more particular is the marine environment.

Basic training is a must in scuba diving. And in case you want to become a professional in the future, you need to go for advanced lessons. You can pursue careers such as scuba diving instructor or underwater photographer when you continue the training process.

Now that you know the benefits that scuba diving can give, you can now decide if you will join scuba diving lessons or not. There are visit many websites for scuba diving enrollment and sessions or go directly to a scuba diving instructor for more information about this sport. Why not try scuba diving and enjoy exploring the marine environment.

What You Need To Know About Scuba Diving

Scuba is derived from the acronym Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The term was first used during World War II. The Scuba was created by Dr. Christian Lambertsen, for use in underwater fights.

Scuba might have been an acronym, but now it is a word that stands alone. Now, scuba diving is defined as a type of underwater diving wherein a scuba set is utilized by a diver in order to last underwater.

The beginnings of scuba diving

The inventors of the first used Aqualung scuba sets were Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan. Their Aqualung set made use of compressed air from a certain tank which was removed through the other end of the tank.

The early forms of scuba diving made use of a “breath hold” or air pumped from the land surface. Now, scuba divers bring with them their portable gas containers underwater. This breathing gas makes movement underwater freer and easier. With scuba diving, a person can breathe underwater longer, in comparison to other water activities such as free diving and snorkeling.

The modern scuba diving sets, however, are considered to be developed by Ted Eldred, an Australian. He created the Porpoise, which is the first mouth piece regular in the world. Eldred developed the Porpoise since patents prevented him from making his own version of Aqualung’s double house. The porpoise allowed the diver to attain the same pressure surrounding the mouth instead of the tank.

The rebreather system, which reprocesses air to get rid of carbon dioxide, resulted in certain incidences of oxygen toxicity. This was the reason why open circuit systems were created. Modern rebreather apparatus is still used today in activities such as deep diving.

What a scuba diver needs

Most divers use swim fins to navigate underwater. Some divers, on the other hand, rely on underwater propulsion vehicles which move them to various places faster.

In order to breathe underwater, scuba divers needs to use apparatus such as the rebreather and the open-circuit regulator. A breathing gas (composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% trace gases) is also needed.

Since vocal communication underwater is impossible, (unless you have waterproof mobile devices), hand signals are used by divers in order to talk with one another. To say stop underwater, a diver needs to do a hand gesture similar to a policeman ordering you to stop. To say go, clench your fist and direct your thumb downwards.

Forms of scuba diving

Several scuba diving activities are divided in these categories: recreational, professional, commercial, naval, military, technical, scientific, and police diving.
Recreational scuba diving is perhaps the most famous form. Such diving activities categorized under this branch are underwater tourism, underwater photography, underwater tour guiding, underwater archaeology (shipwrecks), surveys and mapping, spear fishing, and marine biology.

The hazards of scuba diving

Although scuba diving is a fun hobby, there are certain illnesses, which can be acquired because of prolonged stay in high-pressure areas. Frequent scuba divers are at risk for developing illnesses such as decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis, and oxygen toxicity.

Have A Blast With Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a fun hobby or sport for most people. Scuba diving allows you to explore beautiful waters and experience exotic marine life without a television in front of you. Similar activities such as snorkeling can give you the same experience, but the happiness is short-lived. You cannot descend to further depths with snorkeling. Whereas in diving, you can reach greater depths and see great coral formations and long abandoned ship wrecks.

If you want to try scuba diving out, then you need to enroll in a course in order for you to learn the basics and not panic when you go underwater for the first time.

In order for your dive to be safe and memorable, you need to make use of quality equipment. Scuba diving equipment can be a little pricey, but you can rent the gear you need at any dive shop. If you are clueless as which gear to take, you can always ask for the assistance of an experienced scuba diver.

If you are new in the world of scuba diving, then here are some diving trips, which promise to give you one heck of a time:

• Drift scuba diving. If you want a relaxed dive, then this type is for you. With drift scuba diving, you can stay stationary. The water currents can do the moving for you. Because there’s not much paddling and swimming involved, a diver performing a drift scuba dive can last longer underwater because his energy is conserved. All beginners are advised to try drift scuba diving first.

• Night scuba diving. This might sound scary at first since the ocean is a mysterious place filled with different kinds of marine life. Of course, night scuba diving takes place during the night. Divers need to prepare more because there are specific kinds of lighting used for this type of dive. Night scuba diving is unlike any other night swimming experience, because it will enable you to see marine life in a whole another light.

• Open water scuba diving. True to its name, this dive can be done in the sea, lake, ocean, or any other big body of water. Open water scuba diving allows the diver to experience the diversity of marine life. After all, there are different fishes and corals in different bodies of water in the world. This type of dive is considered simple, so it is recommended for beginners who want to try out scuba diving. For the best open water diving experience, try it out in perfect beach destinations like the Bahamas or Phuket.

• Wreck diving. If you’ve had enough of marine wildlife, then wreck diving is another great diving option for beginners. It is highly educational especially if you are trying to explore wrecks of historical value. Wreck diving can teleport you through time. It can make you relive the last moments of the faithful ship. There are wrecks in shallow water, and these wrecks are advisable for beginners. You need to be cautious of the deteriorating structures though.

Online Poker Room Review – FullTiltPoker

One of the most popular play poker sites is FullTiltPoker, and they have been successfully providing players an exceptional gambling experience for over six years. They are actually sponsoring some of the most well know poker players in the industry, including Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer, and Phil Ivey to name just a few. In fact, their site is so popular there are upwards of 10,000 players at any given time playing for cash on one of the many tables, as well as upwards of 60,000 players participating in the tournaments. They offer a variety of games and scheduled tournaments, some of which have limits to the pots while others are unlimited.

Incentives to Play offers a variety of bonuses that include welcome bonuses to encourage new players to sign up, and they offer deposit bonuses where players can earn even more money by playing in tournaments that they can receive points that can be redeemed for cash or other merchandise. They also offer various promotions throughout the weeks and months as well as loyalty bonuses to encourage players to continue playing at their site.

One of their incentives is a 100% match of the first deposit up to $600, meaning that if the gambler deposits $500, they will match $500 as an incentive to start gambling at their site. Many sites offer this, but few will match up to $600.

Advantage of this Site

With many sites to play poker available, it’s difficult to know which one is best suited to meet the skills of the player. One great advantage to this site is that it was designed by the pros, and members can actually chat with some of the best gamblers in the industry. These players play a combined total of over 1600 each week and members can directly ask them questions as they are sitting at any of the tables, and actually have a full chat session to learn from the professionals. A library is also available where members can read a variety of texts written by the world’s most renowned professional gamblers.

Available Games

This site offers a variety of some of the more popular poker games including the most famous Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud High, Omaha, and Razz, plus variations on each of these games. Instructions on the rules for each of these games, as well as tips for gambling are also available to the player that is new to the game, or for the more seasoned players who just want to improve their skills.

Ensures a Fair and Ethical Game

Because FullTiltPoker was designed by the professionals, strict etiquette and professional conduct are expected and required of all players. Only one account is allowed per player and harassment or cheating is strictly not tolerated, and begging is forbidden and results in termination of the account. In all, this site maintains the highest standards of ethics because the creators of this site want all players to have the best gambling experience possible and come away feeling great about their experience playing poker.

Online Poker Room Review – FeltStars

Whether the gambler is a seasoned professional or a novice, Feltstars is one of the most popular gaming sites for those who love to shoot craps, play the one-armed bandits, blackjack, keno, or a variety of other poker games from the comfort of their home in an on-line gaming site. Their site has excellent graphics, and the games are easily understood, yet challenging to even the staunchest professional.

Getting Started

One of the best reasons that Feltstars is more popular than FullTilt Poker is because of the ease of use, even to the beginning point of the instructions to download the casino and poker games. They use a series of screen shots to show the new visitor to the site exactly what they will see on their screens so that they know what to expect. The step-by-step instructions are straightforward and very easy to understand.

Learning the Games

No one was born knowing the rules, or how to play all the various types of poker; meaning even the most advanced players had to learn to play at some point in their lives. This Feltstars site allows the players to practice the games for an unlimited amount of time before they actually decide they want to spend real money and begin betting. By practicing for a while, the players can hone their skill and ensure they fully understand how the games are played before they risk any money.

The games that are available include such popular games as Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Razz, Five Card Draw, Deuce to Lowball, Badugi, and many other popular games of chance. The site includes very easy to understand rules for each of these games and player can continue to play without betting while they are becoming proficient at the game.


Many sites offer sign-up bonuses meaning when the new member signs up on the site, they will match a specified amount of money to the funds that are deposited. They offer loyalty incentives to encourage players to continue playing at this specific site and they have a variety of promotions on a monthly basis, weekly basis, or even during specific times of the year, such as holidays, or any days that inspires a promotion.

VIP Club

This website also offers a VIP club for the members who continue to play on this site. Sometimes they are awarded points that can be redeemed for real money or actually cashed in and redeemed for merchandise in the stores. There are six classes of VIPs in this site, and as the member progresses up the scale, they are able to earn more rewards and participate in the higher stake games if they so desire.

A Great Site

When new players want to learn one of the variations of poker, Feltstars is one of the best sites because the players can actually practice and learn the game before they ever have to put any money down on the table. This site has a variety of great games for all ranges of players and they have excellent playing incentives.

Mike Aponte – The MIT Graduate Who Beat the Casinos


Mike Aponte had belonged to an army family and had travelled a lot before finally settling down in Boston as a student of MIT. He had been approached first to play blackjack as a part of the MIT Blackjack Team before it actually gained its fame. Formerly the team was known as Strategic Investments which was a legal entity which had been formed in the year 1991 and had failed. However, the idea had remained much the same, forming a blackjack team with money from investors and with the goal of making millions.

The new team took shape in the year 1994 when it was named the MIT Blackjack Team and along with Mike Aponte, the team gained much success and became famous through their wins in the casinos. Also, the book Bringing Down the House along with TV shows like Anything for Money and Breaking Vegas made the team famous.

The Peak

For the six years that the team was at its peak, the team won millions of dollars for the investors. The players were backed by different investors who were then paid their expenses and a percentage of their initial investment once their money had been returned. The remaining profits were divided between the players. Mike Aponte had been one of the 25 players which formed the MIT Blackjack Team and had been hugely responsible for the team’s success.

The team was eager not to make the same mistakes as they had in Strategic Investments and so they streamlined their tactics and the team and only allowed the best blackjack players to play for them. the methods which were used by the team had been shuffle tracking, card steering and of course, card counting. Mike Aponte himself had been an important player and his personal largest win during his career had been $200,000.

After 6 years with the team, in the year 2000 Mike Aponte retired. He removed his funds from the bank of the tea and had been grateful for the opportunity which had been provided to him for traveling across the world and playing internet blackjack. However, by 2000 most players of the team were very well known and it was almost impossible for them to play at any blackjack table in any casino. For this reason, he decided to quit.

However, Mike Aponte only left the team and not blackjack in general. In the year 2004 he won his first WSOP event and won $100,000 in prize money beating players like Stanford Wong, Anthony Curtis and Ken Smith though it had been his first ever blackjack tournament. Mike along with Dave Irvine, his partner, runs a Blackjack Institute which is a website teaching advantage strategies to players through visual aids. Some of the techniques taught by the institute are money management and card counting. The Institute organizes and conducts various seminars all over the US in order to make these strategies available and accessible to all players.

Pai Gow Poker Tips

I like revisiting tips and strategies in Pai Gow, one of my favorite versions of poker on line to play lately. In this article, I’d like to quickly draw attention to what’s called “The House Way.” What this term means is how the dealer is required to set his hand as determined by each specific casino’s rules.

Now, it’s probably more important for you to figure out the best strategies for setting your own hand (which I’ve discussed before) before you start worrying about how the dealer is required to set his hand, but in the big picture of the game, knowing the House Way is extremely important, and absolutely can affect your decision-making on how to set your own hand in certain difficult situations. Also, if you know the House Way, you can monitor the dealer as a watchdog of sorts, and ensure he is playing hand properly. Don’t trust the casino as the final authority, they’re out to take your money, so if you’re not looking out for the rules, nobody else will if the dealer makes a mistake.

Of course, if the dealer’s mistake results in your victory, I’d probably keep your mouth shut.

Here’s how dealer’s are required to set their cards in most U.S. casinos. Let’s start with a couple low-end, basic hands.

For one pair, the Party Poker dealer must five-card (remember that term?) the pair and two-card the next two remaining high cards. For high card, you five-card the highest card, and two-pair the second and third lowest cards. If dealer has two pair, he must five-card one pair (usually the highest) and two-card the other pair. There is an exception to this, however. If neither of the dealer pairs are at least of jack value and you’re showing an ace, the dealer will five-card the entire two-pair. And lastly, for three of a kind, the entire set would be put in the five-card hand, unless it’s Aces, in which case one of the Aces would be split off to make the top card in the two-card hand.

Remember, pai gow can be (and in many places usually is) played with multiple decks, and sometimes with jokers, so be aware of all the rules before sitting down. Multiple decks can lead to five of a kind hands, and the strategy sets that go along with those rare, but possible scenarios.

Playing In A Land Based Casino VS. Online Casino

There are some differences between playing in a land based casino and playing in an online casino at Party Poker and some of them are important factors to consider. There are definitely benefits for playing in both types of casinos and we’re going to look at those in this article. There is no doubt that some players will have a different opinion on which type of casino is better to play in and that’s because we all have different objectives and tastes.

Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos, such as The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV are ideal for those of us who like the thrill and excitement of betting with other people. You won’t be able to find the same amount of excitement when you’re playing online and that’s because you’re sitting by yourself playing. Casinos are also good because they usually have entertainment available at night. The comp programs are also better at land based casinos and you’ll be able to earn a lot more rewarding rewards then you would in an online casino. The costs of playing in a land based casino are a downfall though, costs such as travel, accommodations, food, entertainment and any other spending needs to be accounted. If you live near a land based casino then it’s a different story, but most people don’t live close to a casino.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are great for players who are looking to simply gamble and make money and don’t care as much about the excitement level. If you’re playing to make money then online casinos are better because you don’t have any costs associated with playing except for the money you use to gamble with. You also will find that you can play a lot quicker in online casinos because you get your own table for most games which allow you to speed up every round. The more you play the more chance you have of making money so online casinos are better for this factor. You can also play whenever you want in an online casino and you don’t need to travel anywhere except to your computer. This feature is what draws millions of players every year to online casinos. Online casinos have comp programs as well, but they aren’t as rewarding as land based casino comp programs. One thing online casinos do is they offer player’s bonuses on there first deposit and on other deposits routinely which land based casinos definitely don’t do.

I would say that online casinos such as are much better then land based casinos for numerous reasons including the fact you keep all of your profit and don’t need to spend money on anything like travel and accommodations. You also get to play whenever you want to online which you can’t really do in a land based casino unless you live next too one. Land based casinos are more fun to play in, but they also usually cost a lot more money so you need to decide which is more important. Having fun or making money, the decision you make will sway month to month, but for the most part online casinos are your best bet and you should only play in land based casinos every so often unless you live near one.

Let It Ride Strategy

Let it ride is a poker game, but it’s played against the house and not against other players at which makes it a less known game. Many players don’t like playing casino games because the house always has the advantage, but you can lower the advantage they have to a point that it makes it worth playing the game. Basically in let it ride you place three bets of the same size in three circles in front of you to notify the dealer you want to play the hand. Then you get dealt three cards and need to decide whether you want to let your first bet ride. If you do then all of your bets are frozen and all three bets will be valid, if you don’t let it ride then you get the bet back from the first circle. The dealer then flips over there first card and you need to decide whether or not you want to let your second bet ride or not. Once you do your done making decisions for this hand because the third bet always needs to stay no matter what you have. This is the basic rules to the game, but if you don’t know how to play I would recommend reading the entire list of rules. We’re now going to look at some simple strategy you can use to help you win more money.

The worst hand you can have in order to win in this game is a pair of tens or better using your three cards and the dealer’s two cards. If you don’t have a pair of tens or better then you lose the hand. This means that when you look at your three cards if you have a pair of tens or better you should always let your three bets ride because you’ll win them all. If you have three face cards in your hand without a pair then I would also suggest letting all three bets ride. You really shouldn’t let all three bets ride in any other situation.

After deciding whether to let your first bet ride the dealer will reveal there first card. This card is used by all players to improve there hand. If the card helped you get a pair of tens or better then let your second bet ride, but if you’re still only on a draw I wouldn’t let it ride. The third bet you always need to let ride so you don’t need to worry about this bet at all because it’s stuck in the pot.

There is also an online blackjack hand bonus you can bet every hand which is a bet where you only use your three cards to determine if you win. You can win the bet with any pair of tens or better, but you can also win big with a mini flush, mini straight, mini royal flush and other hands. These bets usually payout a lot and it’s where most people make money playing let it ride. If you’re not going to bet the hand bonus then you’re not going to win much money playing this game.