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Scuba diving and underwater videos brought to you by scuba divers and underwater video pros and underwater video amateurs from various scuba diving locations around the diving world.

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Diving People
  Today: 0 | Total: 39
diving people having fun
Dive Shops/Schools/Clubs
  Today: 0 | Total: 10
dive shops, dive schools, dive clubs,etc promotional videos
  Today: 0 | Total: 9
liveaboards from around the world
Technical Diving
  Today: 0 | Total: 13
technical diving
Fun Dives
  Today: 0 | Total: 82
videos of fun dives
Training Dives
  Today: 0 | Total: 23
Videos of divers during their training.
Wreck Dives
  Today: 0 | Total: 36
wrecks and wreck diving
Day Boats
  Today: 0 | Total: 14
day boat diving
Aquatic Life
  Today: 0 | Total: 105
all types of fish, turtles, marine mammals, etc
Diving Equipment
  Today: 0 | Total: 4
different types of diving equipment and tips and tricks on maintenance and repair
Videography & Photography
  Today: 0 | Total: 46
videography & photography tips & tricks
Diving Locations
  Today: 0 | Total: 64
Views of what the topside of the location looks like. The beach front, the boat jetty and the attractions.
The Planet
  Today: 0 | Total: 12
videos of mother nature's beautiful and angry sides
Underwater Imaging Equipment
  Today: 0 | Total: 1
Who has which equipment available and where and how to get it. Promotional videos direct from the retailers. Winners
  Today: 0 | Total: 3
The winning videos from the recent 2nd annual Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide International Underwater Photo & Video Competition
Conservation and the environment
  Today: 0 | Total: 14
A place for organisations to have a free platform to bring awareness and promote good environmental diving and living practices.
Commercial Diving
  Today: 0 | Total: 0
Commercial diving schools and training, etc
  Today: 0 | Total: 2
Dive Photo Guide- Private Channel
Ice Diving
  Today: 0 | Total: 1
a channel for those who venture below the ice
Free Diving
  Today: 0 | Total: 1
videos of free diving dives, training and fun dives
  Today: 0 | Total: 21
Sharks, sharks, sharks.
Haad Yao Divers Private Channel
  Today: 0 | Total: 1
Private channel of Haad Yao Divers, PADI 5* Gold Palm Resort on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.
Miguelvideosub Private Channel
  Today: 0 | Total: 29
Private Channel of Miguelvideosub, Canary Island based videographer and forum moderator of TheAquaPlanet
ONEFIN - Private Channel
  Today: 0 | Total: 9
Onefin owned by Captain Bill
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