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The Aqua Planet allows you to have an unlimited amount of personal scuba diving and marine environment video online, but please try and limit your clips to a maximum of about 5 minutes.

Only advertising of you the videographer or the videographers company allowed. For other advertising or promotions please contact us via: to discuss your needs and what we can offer.

All unauthorized advertising or promotional videos will be removed immediately from the system and the offender’s accounts terminated.

Here follows a little about what The Aqua Planet can do and answers to some FAQ's.

Real-time Video Conversion

Video files uploaded are converted on the fly and The Aqua Planet will allow members to stream videos using the built-in flash player with buffer support just like YouTube!

Supports more than 20 Video Formats

The Aqua Planet is designed to allow you to upload a wide range of video formats that is supported by the codec library which includes: AVI, WMV, Quick Time, DIVX, MPEG and many more! For details on the full range of supported video formats, please look to the bottom of this page.

Embeddable Video Player

The Aqua Planet features an embedded player where you can put videos on to your web page or MySpace/Friendster profiles, etc.

Video and Profile Rating

Using AJAX technology, viewers will be able to instantly rate videos that are popular as well as rating of member profiles.

Messaging System

The Aqua Planet also boasts a built-in messaging system where members can easily communicate with each other by composing messages and sending them to their network of friends.


Question: The video does not play, I only see a blank video screen.
Answer: Double click the video screen, or click the play button on the bottom left of the screen or download the latest flash player click here

Question: The video keeps stopping and starting
Answer: This is caused by buffering because you have a low connection speed. Click on the pause button and allow the video to download then click play.

Question: I'm trying to upload but I did not receive the confirmation email.
Answer: First check your "Junk Mail Box" and make sure the email is not in there. Add to your email list as approved emails. If that did not work then try another email service.

If you need more help or you want us to upload your video for you, contact support on the email below.

Do you have other questions?
Please send a message to

Please click here for the full list of Supported Video Formats


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